Thursday, 12 November 2015

Life in Leigh

Well, I have to mention the rain.  It is not that it is raining all the time but it feels like it wants to which is almost as bad.  It is also far too warm for the time of year.  Now I have mentioned weather I will not refer to it again!

Although weather may have been the reason why one morning last week I opened the back door to find a young ram standing on the path looking longingly at the cat flap - by the time I had found my boots from amongst the chaos which is the kitchen, he had gone and was no where to be found - not one of mine! 
Alpacas are all doing well but halter training with the cria has stumbled to a halt due to that thing I will not mention again.  Their weaning paddock is ready for them although they have a while yet with their Mum's.
We parked the stock trailer in their paddock after it was thoroughly cleaned and several girls decided to move in so I have added some hay and left it as a temporary shelter whilst the weather is so wet.

Carl was on holiday last week and we planned a lot of work on the kitchen - it was slow to dawn on me that Carl had not been actually listening to me whilst I was planning so, although some progress has been made, there is still a long way to go.   Carl seems to have spent more time creating a tool storage unit which I fear he thinks may be permanent!  He has spent most of this evening with the Tractor boys discussing the advantages of an in kitchen tool storage area amongst other things!

He is forgiven though as he did give me a lovely anniversary present - a meal out and a four legged present.  The meal out was a McDonald's Drive-Thru so no need to dress up there but the four legged present was a big hit - a Dorper Ewe!  We actually ended up with three as I chose one and then he wanted a different one and then we both thought, "What the eck!" and got a third.  They are with the ram at the moment but will be here soon.

Leaf, my Southdown Ram, is now settled in with his new friends having quickly completed mating the ewes - not tht long and it will be time to sort all the lambig equipment again.  81 lambs last year but shouldn't be quite as many next year.

Knitting has been a bit manic but I am now almost up to finishing off stage ready for our first Christmas Market which will be at Hope Nature Centre not this weekend but the one after.  Really looking forward to that! 

Sadly, it looks very unlikely that one of the felt hats will make it as they are still some way from acceptable (light years away actually!)

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  1. It certainly looks like "action on all fronts!" at the moment so not surprising that halter training has had to take a back seat!

    Hope you finish all your knitting in time and can manage some respite before all those lambs begin arriving!