Monday, 21 December 2015

Goodbyes and Hellos

Well, what a weekend that was!  We have driven for miles! And I have eaten far too much takeway food to be good for me.  Harry, Alice and Saul have all gone to their new homes - always sad to see them go but their new owners are happy and I know they have all found excellent homes.

Weather here is not at all Christmas like.  Good for grass but bad for mud.  Getting the stock trailer out at the weekend was a nightmare with Carl having to resort to dragging it out with the quad with me on the back for ballast (and I have lost weight so I thought that was a bit cheeky!)  I can't give you wet alpaca photos so here's an old summer one!

And these are my new additions - The Dorpers!

With Kane the Dorper Ram.  Kane is not too happy at the moment as I haven't yet let him in with Leaf (my Southdown ram) - I think that move will need a bit of supervision and planning!


  1. What unusual looking sheep! They look as if someone has transplanted the heads from blacks to whites!
    Hope Kane soon gets his wicked way with leaf!
    Have a lovely Christmas ...maybe even a bit of a rest?!