Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Happy/Sad - and still no where to put the coats!

It is tipping it down here - and it was yesterday.  I have already changed twice and think I may need to do again!  I took a brief break in the down pour to take it to mean things were improving so decided to move the last little group of lambs - all set up and off we went and then it hammered down and one lamb decided he would rather make a break for it and go back to the field he had come from.  By the time I had tempted him out again, I was soaked. 

Last weekend we took the bulk of the remaining lambs to Sedgemoor so this will be the last lot when they are ready.  Here is an exciting shot of washing out the trailer!
We got home as quickly as we could as we had visitors - at least I did not have to worry about tidying the house as that is impossible the state it is in at the moment.  Not the least of my interior problems is that I have no coat hooks and so have coats everywhere!  Lovely afternoon and we will be seeing them again soon when we deliver an alpaca when he is ready to go.  It was a good end to a not so good week as I had a funeral to attend - a beautiful funeral but for a man who went far too quickly and far too soon.  Sadly, this has also led to me having a little group of girls (and two wethers) on my sales list  They are a lovely little group and include this dear little girl and the others in the photo (in total two wethers, a pregnant female and a female with female cria at foot).  If anyone is interested let me know and I can give you full details.  Or look on alpaca seller!

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  1. I know what you mean about nowhere to put the coats...we were like that for ages and the mucky ones were the worst! We do now have lots of coat hooks and I'm sure that yours will magically appear very soon....come on Carl or Sam...it's only a little job!!