Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Today I arrived back from the field to find Carl in bed - ill with a cold and I have to admit he does look very sorry for himself.  He is going to have to recover soon as we have a lot to do still!  The next lot of lambs are ready to go and will, hopefully, go on Saturday which will be a busy day as we have visitors in the afternoon - strictly speaking it is the alpacas who have the visitors!  Sadly, my house is in a right state as kitchen work continues - slowly.  I am in two minds whether to apologise for the mess or just to ignore it and let our visitors assume we always live amongst concrete rubble with the kitchen contents strewn around the lounge and dust everywhere.  (Come to think of it they might read the blog anyway!).

Last weekend was a foot weekend with three visits on Sunday and some shawls delivered.  It is always nice to see other peoples' alpacas.

I am tying to get on top of a bumper apple crop and do have some help from the alpacas.  They all have different ways of eating the apples.  String puts a whole apple in her mouth, sits down and sort of squashes and sucks it until it is gone.
Slink nibbles bits off delicately
Flem's cria looks insulted that I have thrown apples in the paddock
Saul goes for the little bits and always looks a bit guilty
Cassie races down with her cria close beside there and screeches her way around trying to eat as much as she can before Bianca ambles down and spits at anyone eating.
Lina's cria is still tiny and now getting bald bits so the vet is coming when he gets back from being away.  He is very lively looking (the cria - not the vet!) but does not join in when the others charge around and his fleece is very open.  If he was a lamb I would have said a trace element deficiency -  but vet will take a look and maybe blood test.
And - my sweet peas are bursting forth ready to over winter
This weeks drama so far has been Mother's chimney fire which luckily was quickly contained by the fire brigade.
Thursday is going to be a difficult day as I  have a funeral to go to - a lovely man who died too soon.

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  1. We too have a glut of apples which the alpacas love...trouble is they prefer the eating apples to the Bramleys and it's Bramleys we have a glut of!

    You are very well organised to have got your sweet peas going already! Well done!

    Don't worry about the house...generally "alpaca visitors" don't care ...they just want to see alpacas!

    Hope Thursday isn't too difficult.