Saturday, 5 September 2015

Knitting falling behind schedule!

The blog writing has been a bit erratic I know but I seem to spend all evening knitting.  I have written a knitting schedule and cannot keep up with it.  The current hat has gone wrong so I am having a bit of a break for a night and blog writing instead!  The previous hat trial design needs tweaking but the addition of flowers really lifts them - I am struggling, though, with attaching the flowers without them flopping so may have to seek advise from the village on that one!

On the alpaca front all is well and the babies are growing up - except Lina's.  He is still very tiny and refuses to take a bottle to top him up although I am persevering.  He is very lively and not ill looking but, from past experience, I know he really could do with a top up.

We have spent most of the day getting the ewes ready for the ram.  They have all had their heptavac, feet checked, faecal samples done.  We are experimenting with one lot of ewes lambing early - not sure how that will go but Leaf, the ram, is already eagerly anticipating his reintroduction to his harem!

It has turned a bit colder and this evening we cleaned out the chimney in readiness for a fire - maybe not tonight but probably tomorrow.  The girls who are empty are keeping warm with a girlie night in!
And finally a few evening cria and Mum shots


  1. Ha ha, that reminds me of a Eurythmics song: "Sisters are doing it for themselves"!

  2. Glad it not just our girls that behave like that! We have one family line that behaves the same, one particular female who does so even when pregnant... if she finds an willing open female...still I suppose it saves us having to do lots of spit-offs but I do wish she wouldn't do it when friends arrive as it takes some explaining!

  3. Our reluctant bottle feeder (as with Lina his dam's cria always need a little extra) has found a generous aunty who is letting him feed with her own. She did this last year too. just need to keep the two birthing close together! each year!