Thursday, 27 August 2015

Brown to Black

Weather is a bit unpredictable here.  Just set off to tackle the docks and stingers in the back paddock and the heavens opened - now the sun is shining.  I have decided o give up and write this instead as we have sheep jobs tonight and I don't want to start off wet!  Cria are all doing well although Lina's little one is still a bit weedy.
Apart from Lina's cria and Cassie's they are all much more independent now.
So far only one has a name so I will have to work on that!  This is Cassie's who looks down her nose at the others and hides behind her Mum having sudden crazy dashes round after the others and then charging back to mum if it all gets too rough
The strangest, though, is my little brown one from Zara.
I don't think he is - brown I mean - Patou Mark says the amniotic fluid stains them and if you part his fleece it certainly is black.  Reddingvale told me that but I thought he was having a laugh!


  1. I think you'll find that he is black! I think it's a reaction between the amniotic fluid and the light. Most blacks begin life with brown tips to their fleeces but after shearing he'll be black although, with some crias, it's hard to know whether bay or blue-black until sheared! Here's hoping that he's a lovely shiny blue-black because they seem to be popular!

  2. You must always trust the words of masters of the dark arts!