Friday, 21 August 2015

Bit of a catch up

I have been reminded that it is a long time since I have written a blog and so am about to remedy the situation!  Three weeks ago I decided to seriously do something about my bad tummy, general lethargy, bloatedness and weight.  I am pretty active and it seemed odd that I was just piling on weight and feeling sort of unwell so after a it of internet diagnosis I decided I needed to give up caffeine and just possibly I might have some sort of food intolerance.  I found a diet that seemed to make a bit of sense (not complete sense as I am still struggling with the concept of being able to eat anything with a face or that comes from something with a face but not at the same time as something that comes from the ground - ground things come in a separate meal - but I can have an egg salad - I think).  Anyway, week one nearly killed me with splitting headaches and crampy spasms in my legs BUT I have not had a single stomach pain (well a tiny bit after I had some mustard).  I am not allowed to eat any processed food at all which might well be a very good thing.  The headaches have also gone - and I have lost some weight (you probably wouldn't notice but the scales say so!).  I now have to gradually introduce things (not mustard) and see what happens.

Anyway,  you probably did not want to know all that so back to the animals.  The cria are doing well.  Lina's little one is still a it weedy but he is very lively - I struggled on a decent picture of him as he hides behind his mum, Lina, when anyone is around.

It has been difficult to get any decent pictures with the amount of rain but this is Cassie's very sweet little girl
I really wanted a good one of The Slink's little suri girl but she is a flighty madam and the only one with a name so far - meet Flossie! - didn't manage to get her head but she has got one!
They have all had their first Lambivac now and after using some orbenin the fly problems on a couple of the eyes have healed.

Knitting has been in overdrive due to depletion of stock so today I finished off a scarf and pair of gloves - well, ends need to be sewn in still.  Next up is a suri wrap, flower hat and designing a shawl.  I am also working on felting but that is going so badly I will leave a report on that until another day!

Sheep are ticking along nicely apart from two who have bad feet and I am trying to work my way up to culling a couple that really should go due to mastitis in the past - not sure I will ever manage it!


  1. What a gorgeous picture of Cassie's little girl. Can't wait for our stork to arrive...a whole year since he last dropped in here!

    Hope you can soon eat what you like and discover the cause of your problem.

  2. Lovely photo of the sheep with the apples. Glad to see no mint in the photo...that wouldn't do!