Monday, 10 August 2015

Ellingham and Ringwood Show - plus cria!

Ellingham and Ringwood Show on Saturday which meant an exceedingly early start - at least we were not taking any alpacas so that lessened the stress!  I did have Zara due to birth but had the help of the lovely Tractor Boy who took his duties very seriously and must have checked her constantly!

We took the knitwear and had a fabulous day - best ever on sales.  The suri scarves and gloves went straight away, gloves sold very well - even a large blanket type thing which I thought was not a seller on such a hot day.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite how hot it was.  Most of the photos were on the phone and they don't come out well on the blog so this is the only decent camera one I have.
It was nice to have so many people interested in the alpacas, talking to breeders and liking the alpaca products.  Sam and Kristy came along and were a real help - couldn't have done the stall without them!  Kristy had her first go in the ring taking one of the colour champions round along with Carl and Sam - so a good day!
Luckily Zara didn't produce but first thing the next day - out he came.  I confess I would have liked a girl but there you go and he is a lovely curious little chap whom I presume is dark brown but I am not too good on colours.  All the photos that follow are of wet cria so not lovely and fluffy as it has rained today.
And here is Belinda's!
A  weird colour but really lovely!
Lina proved to be a bit of a monster as we had to move her and the cria to bring her in with the other Mums and babies.  Normally I would just pick up the cria and Mum would follow but Lina is a very protective mother and petrified you are going to kidnap her baby.  The first attempt led to copious spitting, weeing, foot stamping and charging.  We did manage as Carl said he would put her on a halter and lead her while I carried the cria.  I told him she was not halter trained but he went ahead regardless and it did go okay despite much screeching and spitting!  She is now settled and has decided she loves me which is almost as bad as her screeching!  She rushes over, ears back and then - once she has ensured her baby is next to her - stands and lets me touch the cria and stroke her neck.  One peculiar alpaca!
So two random cria photos to end


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