Sunday, 13 September 2015

A busy weekend

It keeps promising a drop of rain here but doesn't really amount to anything.  We altered what we planned to do expecting downpours but the most that arrived was a few droplets.  It is cooler though and I quite like that - makes the cria pretty lively (mind you in the blog photos all cria seem to be either asleep or about to go to sleep!) and we are avoiding fly strike in the sheep - so far!  Friday it was a trip out to do a few alpaca toenails and meet a relatively new cria then Lambivac for our cria Saturday morning followed by someone else's Lambivac at lunchtime.  Yesterday afternoon Carl fancied a rest and I planned to join him but Sam turned up and offered to check all the alpaca boys feet - an offer I was not going to turn down as there are a couple who are not that keen on foot trimming and an extra strong body is very much appreciated.  All alpacas now totally up todate - in fact, slightly ahead of schedule for once!  Today was another trip out for another alpaca visit followed by an alpaca and sheep visit.  After a quick bag of chips (the diet is going very well but this was a little treat) Carl went off to look at a sickly vehicle.  He has just rushed back to get another set of feeler gauges with larger writing on them due to his aged eyesight!  And I am about to go and organise the sheep race as we need to sort sheep again next week - they are very good now and line up ready for the weigher and race with the exception of two naughty Romneys who have red spots on them so they had better be good this time!!


  1. Are the "red spots" there to mark out the naughty ones? If they are, you must be careful not to set them up in competition....we'll see which of us can get the mosts red spots!!

    The showers have reached us so maybe on their way to you as well now as the forecast seems to indicate that we're all in for a wet spell!!

    1. The red spots on their necks means they have a problem - mastitis, foot, birth problems - so they SHOULD be culled! Sadly, once they get their red spot they seem to become super friendly and keep giving me the sad eye so I currently have 6 red spots who so far have not made it to market - and may never get there!!