Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A coat rack has been removed!!

Bit slow on the blogging still but it is because a lot is happening but not much very blog worthy!

Rather wet and cold here recently although today is lovely.    Everyone is doing well - even Lina's baby seems to be growing a little better.  Young Saul has discovered apples but is a bit slow and usually ends with someone stealing his apple which leads to a bit of a sulk and a run back to Mum for a drink on his part!
And these two lads always seem to always do synchronised pooing!

We went to market again last Saturday with moe lambs and never have I seen so many sheep and lambs in one place.  It was the busiest market yet with the auctioneers having to hastily erect extra pens.  Good job we know what we are doing now as it all gets a bit frantic.  I can't say I enjoy taking them but it is better than with the old ewes.  There are still 4 older girls who should be going but I have decided they are going to stay and then go next year if they have problems - with the exception of number 12 who is just too sweet, and Stumpy who is just too 'human'.

Sunday I had a nice surprise visit from our old landlords who we rented from a few years ago - really lovely couple and they are moving into the village which is really nice.  Carl wasn't here as he seems to have moved in with the Tractor boys.  An engine swap is just too tempting for Carl so he is very happy up to his ears in oil and spanners!  Work on the house almost started but ended with Carl removing two sets of curtains and taking down a coat rack before he disappeared.

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