Monday, 12 October 2015

A start to halter training

Lovely sunny day today.  The alpacas are going a bit apple crazy - I think I have overdone it a bit on the apple front as well!  We have just started the initial stages of cria halter training.  Everyone has their own method - ours starts slowly and then usually ends up in a mad rush as we need them halter trained for some reason and haven't got on with it properly.  Up until now the cria have just been living their own little lives, exploring their world with the occasional check over.  Sunday that all changed and it was into the catch pen for a brief introduction to leg stroking and seeing a halter for the first time.  I usually just let them have a look and a sniff but as Saul, Black baby and Flem's monster all stuck their heads straight in the halters, we went slightly further and rested it round their heads.  Worst was black baby.

He started keen on the idea but then decided enough was enough.
Next up was Flem's cria who did not want to be caught but then stood bolt upright
Star of the class was Saul
He was perfectly happy to stand with it almost done up
I have had complaints about the halter being pink but it is the only one which is roughly the right size!  We will just keep getting them used to seeing the halter and having it pushed up over their nose and then take it from there.

Sam then decided it would be a good idea to try halter training the Southdowns - which was definitely not what we were supposed to be doing.


  1. With all those little rascals to halter train, has Sam really time to train a sheep too?!!