Monday, 26 October 2015

A Day out

Windy here today - still partly in a T-shirt but the wind has played havoc with my hair do.  I had it done specially on Friday as I anticipated a flashy night out (Silver wedding anniversary) and what did we end up doing?  Ear tagging lambs in the rain and  moving barriers!  With the careful use of a Tesco carrier bag I managed to keep the hair relatively under control in anticipation of a possible day out Saturday - which I got but not quite what I would have liked as we spent it taking the lambs to market and having a Market Breakfast at Sedgemoor Auction Centre!  Ah well - maybe next year! 

Sunday did not turn into a day of rest either as it was off to the depths of Hampshire to do some Lambivacs - mind you that was fun and I did get a bag of chips on the way home!  Halter training did not happen as hoped on Sunday as Carl disappeared off with the Tractor Lads to do 'wooding' which basically means massive chain saws and logs appearing in the shed.

I don't appear to have any new photos this time as I have spent every spare moment knitting in preparation for Christmas Markets and I am also still struggling with the felt hats.  I am not sure felting is going to be my forte but I am persevering for the moment as I want to make on with knitted flowers attached and in my head it looks lovely!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Hope that flowery hat looks as good on your head as inside!