Tuesday, 20 October 2015


This has been a very trying week with a tragedy in amongst it - but I will not dwell on that!  It began with Carl feeling under the weather last week and (I have been banned from going into details) ended with massive overuse of the toilet and a decidedly drawn and thinner Carl!  On the plus side, he has decided one bathroom is definitely not enough in a house, I have slept wonderfully and have shed a little more weight myself!
Today I visited the Bionic Shepherd who is suffering but making progress - becoming fed up with being house bound whilst the sun shines but rain is forecast for tomorrow.  I am now just getting ready for alpaca mite prevention and vitamins when Carl gets home.  We were lucky to have Sam and Kristy's unexpected help at the weekend for sheep moving and alpaca reorganising.  With Carl being unsteady and needing to be within 2 minutes of facilities I didn't think he would be much help and handling all the moves on my own was looking a bit challenging (in the end he was okay if a bit bandy legged).  Sam also proved a little star by sorting out Granny's car battery for us so the week was easier than it could have been.
Little Saul is becoming a mechanic and is very critical of the tow bar on the poo picker!  The other cria are a bit scared of it but he is right up there!

FW and Walnut have to be kept away from the apples as they love them and eat any fallers they can find with great gusto - and a lot of noise!  Charging  over if they see me picking some for the alpacas.

Flem's cria has started to feel he is the boss but Cassies's little girl does not agree - Saul has just started standing up to him.
Now, once the alpacas are done I must get back to a fawn shawl I am attempting to knit and a pair of black gloves for light relief.  The Flower Lady called in with a pair of lovely arm warmers and a scarf this morning and so I have to keep up!!!

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  1. Everyone is going to miss the apples once they're finished aren't they?! Our Rosie runs down the paddock first thing each morning to see what I've thrown over but there aren't many left now!