Friday, 10 July 2015

Part missing

Carl left for work this morning after issuing me with strict and slightly panicky instructions that I MUST find the front of the tractor before he returned this evening.  He had been woofling third field last night and when he parked up he discovered that he had somehow lost the front metal bar and both head lights - how that is possible I do not know, or how he did not notice earlier.  I walked all round the field and still have not discovered it.  He is having to woofle very carefully tonight or we will end up baling it tomorrow!

I am now starting to get my birthing stuff ready for the alpacas as they come into their birthing window in less than two weeks.  Zara is highly uncomfortable in addition to being pestered by flies
Cassie looks huge
And Bianca - well!  Sam sheared her and appears to have given her a beard!
I think, though, it will be Belinda or Flem who are first.  I forgot to take photos of them.

Before the alpaca births start I am hoping to sort out the lambs and, maybe, take some to market.  Hope these two are not heavy enough as they are too cute!


  1. Wow the girls look huge. Looking forward to seeing the cria!

  2. We have a 'bearded lady' that I need to trim with the hand shears - you don't notice the little wisps until you release them!