Saturday, 25 July 2015

First cria!

This is going to be quite a quick blog as I have a date with a Foot Spa shortly!  I have had a lovely birthday which started yesterday with a lovely floral extravaganza from Sam and Kristy followed by the most delicious cake from the GHN and the Knight in Shining Armour (I feel it was not the knight who baked such a feather light sponge!).  Then, this morning, I woke with a feeling I just had to get up instead of waiting for Carl to arise and bring me tea and toast in bed - very glad I did as our first new arrival was on his way out.  Already sadly troubled by flies.

A lovely little fawn boy from Flem (okay I would have liked a girl to start me off but Flem is such a lovely mother and the cria is so sweet - who cares?!)  With all that it was after lunch before I opened all my presents and cards - which is where the foot spa comes in as I have been having very sore feet and Mother gave me a massaging Foot Spa which is what I shall be using shortly!

Carl said he wanted to take me out for dinner which would have been lovely until I realised what he meant was he was going to take me to the shops to buy dinner which I was then going to cook myself!


  1. Happy Birthday Rosemary!
    Tell Carl not be so mean...he must take you out for dinner after's only once a year we have a birthday! Two very special birthday presents....a new cria and your foot spa! Hope you enjoy both...the foot spa sounds great, I too have painful feet...a foot spa sounds just the ticket!

  2. Congratulations on all circumstances! he looks a lovely chap.