Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Cria number 2

Another exciting day here!  Checked the girls first thing then went to do the sheep and then to the bank (never really feel comfortable going to see the bank manager!).  I should have then gone straight to Mother and the library van but I felt I should check on the girl's first - and glad I am that I did!  Bianca was lying on her side looking very uncomfortable and within a minute or two something was obviously happening.

Things progressed well and we finally had one and a half legs, head and neck - then Bianca discovered a very tasty piece of shrubbery and decided that was far more important than giving birth.  The poor cria was waving around out of her back end - looking about and making running movements with his one and a half legs!  I gave him a helping hand whilst Bianca continued her gourmet feast and one little boy entered the world.  He is a few days short of 11 months and probably a wee bit premature but he is fine and very lively - I think he will be one that drinks as much as Bianca eats - he is sucking well and frequently!

Flem's cria is growing well but always drinks from behind her!
And now I desperately want to finish a second suri scarf I am knitting as a very talented lady has made me the most beautiful knitted flowers and I really want to make a hat to sew them on to!

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  1. Always great to see a cria arrive safely! Good luck with the one has to be a girl doesn't it? Maybe not...we had 3 crias last year...all boys but the previous 5 were all girls so who knows!