Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Births soon!

As The Sun would say, "Phew what a scorcher!"  Wind keeps getting up and sky clouds over a bit but still no rain worth mentioning.  We need rain to get the grass going!  Of course the other week we were not wanting rain due to the hay but that is now all done and safely in.

We are now looking forward to some alpaca births and some look pretty near.

String is one I am really not sure about.  She is not at all big but she looks a bit open at the back end and a couple of days ago she was asleep with her tail flipped up and I saw a big glob of white thick stuff come out.  She is pretty lively and friendly and should be 11 months next week so it doesn't seem likely - time will tell!  Only got a head shot of her so you can't see her size in this photo.
Lambs are all weaned now and lots have become super friendly which is not good for my emotions!  Even the small last born blacks are beginning to come on now - just need that rain for the grass!


  1. I do like to do the is she/ isn't she pregnant photos...a head shot!!! you make me smile everytime Rosemary!

  2. Whoops...super friendly lambs, how will you part with them? maybe alpaca births will create a distraction!