Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A day behind - but feet still ache!

I wrote this yesterday so it is all a day behind - photos would not upload  so I have returned to it tonight!

Yesterday's bit
I have aching feet and a headache which is why I am now sitting here waiting for rice to boil rather than shouting encouragement to Carl who is cutting the little paddocks. 

Talk of a heat wave has sent him into a cutting frenzy with muttered night time talk of hay.  To back track a bit, last Saturday we travelled to Pembrokshire to shear friends alpacas.  Lovely boys but one was quite determined he was not going on the mat!  Luckily, me rolling around with him was avoided as his lovely owner stepped in and he was as good as gold - obviously just did not fancy being overpowered by a mere female!  We managed to catch sight of the sea on the way back.  Technically, Carl says it is an estuary but I see the sea so rarely I count anything bigger than a bath tub as 'sea'. 

No rest on Sunday as we were due at the Transport of Yesteryear Show in Weymouth - one of our favourites. 

The alpacas behaved very well and I am sure they recognised it. 

It was the first outing for the suri yarn scarves and they sold straight away so now I must knit some more.  They are quite fiddly to knit as the yarn is very fine but at least people want them which is nice.  The weather started off wet and we had not thought of taking a gazebo so we were not able to get the knitting out until later in the day but we still did well on sales which was good.

When we got back Carl set up the mower and we got the sheep race down ready for today.  Quite a lot to do as we were late back but we did have the help of the wonderful Tractor Boys!

And that brings us up to date.  Today the lambs were checked over and fly treatment was sprayed around - most of it going where it was supposed to.  Now Carl is merrily cutting.  So baling soon - or as soon as we have rethreaded the bailer as the sheep got hold of the twine last year and pulled it out.  That was supposed to be sorted months ago - but  . . .

Today's bit
I have aching feet and a headache which is why I am now sitting here waiting for rice to boil (we eat a lot of rice at the moment!)rather than shouting encouragement to Carl who is woofling the little paddocks.  I have got the twine but the bailer is still to be set up - barn is ready though so, rain permitting (and despite the heat rain is always on the cards when we are hay making) we may bale tomorrow!


  1. Hope they hay-making went well! You must be near Weymouth, and the lovely Dorset coast - it's funny but we never get to see what sights are nearest to us.

  2. Hope the hay making is going well as the weather is just perfect...well that is until the rain arrives but we really need some of that too!