Thursday, 4 June 2015

Floaty skirts and big lorries

This afternoon I had to put a skirt on which frightened the boys and made them all huddle together shouting warnings to the girls!  I was talking to the Friendship club in Verwood but had to fit in a quick check on the field alpacas and sheep first.  As I did not want to get changed in the barn I tramped down the track in my floaty long skirt and a pair of wellies - a sight that the boys found very scary!!

We are slowly making our way through our shearing with half the alpacas now done and just over half the sheep.  The Black Welsh Mountains are not really ready so the rest of them are going to wait a few days but the Southdowns have to be finished and they are hard - we have decided Southdowns are the hardest!

The girls went to their new homes yesterday - well, started on their way as they will not arrive until next Tuesday.  Sad to see them go but the driver who picked them up was really nice and has some alpacas of his own so they should be fine.  Massive lorry though - in fact, so massive it deserves two photos!

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  1. Funny you post about the alpacas being afraid of you in a skirt...yesterday I wore a dress, (rarely wear dresses but we had a day out!), and the alpacas were really cautious as they approached the "stranger" in the paddock! When I changed into the usual problem!