Saturday, 20 June 2015

Floral Abundance

We went to Sedgemoor Auction Market this morning to check out lamb prices and see how it is all done.  They were very friendly and we are now all organised so later this week we have some lambs and shearlings to sort out ready for a trip to the market.  They also do a very nice bacon roll so that was breakfast sorted!

Despite the rain, we have also managed to shear the remaining few alpacas and all is now done for another year.  It is always a relief when that is finished and it is nice to see who really looks pregnant.   I am really pleased that it looks like Crispie is (mated to Yossarian) and Flemenco appears to be (mated to Greeves).  We should also have some nice coloured ones from Belinda, Zara and Bianca.  Cassie may be but I am not totally convinced about her - time will tell.  Mind you, from the quality of my photos it is anyone's guess with all of them!

And Mother's roses are shaming me into doing something about my own - she has a magnificent floral display!

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