Thursday, 11 June 2015


Just spent ages trying to remember my Google password as dear Sam had logged me out - gave up and did a new one in the end.

I don't know what the weather is like where you are - but here it is boiling.  The pregnant girls have been hot and have either spent their time in the bushes or in the paddling pools.  I still have, despite best efforts, a few to shear.  Thunderstorms and rain on the way they say.

Mind you, it is probably hotter where the three girls have gone!  A long journey for them but they have arrived safely and have a lovely new home.  I rather wish I was there!
Greta Cherubini's photo.
We have a lot planned for this weekend and how we will fit it all in is beyond me - but, where there is a will . .
And . . . there are still about 10 sheep to shear!  My meticulously detailed list sailed away in the breeze so I am not sure who is still left to do and when I try to count they will not stand still!  Lambs are growing well and even the BWM look to be growing quicker this year.  I weighed a few last night and the heaviest of the ones I weighed was 31kg.  He was born in the middle so I have to get everyone weighed next week.  Got to sort them soon before I start getting attached to too many of them - like little Fu Manchu here

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  1. Love Fu Manchu! Hope you manage to get your shearing finished whilst it's hot and dry! We have wall to wall rain today so it's indoor jobs and a bit of getting wet in between!