Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hay without a hitch!

I am having a bit of a sit down now having completed a vigorous rain dance as we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for water.  We have managed to achieve quite a bit in the last few day.  We cut hay on Friday evening and had it baled and in the barn by Sunday night with no haymaking dramas whatsoever.  We were very lucky to have the help of Sam and the Dairyman to get it in.  Bit of a pep talk going on before it was all hands to the pumps!
Sam and I had sorted the barn out before we started so stacking was easier than usual and the Mule had very little carting to do this year as we used the big trailer.


Carl also managed to fit in sharing 20 alpacas on the Saturday so it was all go.  Monday was all alpacas checked over, feet done and remedial halter training.  I hesitate to show you the halter training photos as I am the only human featured - this is the best one of String having her halter put on (she is very good and was halter trained last year) but just look at the vast expanse of shorts - a small battalion could camp in them!

Yesterday we delivered a group of lambs and went to deliver fleece for processing in the afternoon.  Today Viv and I have sorted the catalogue for Ellingham show, Sam and I have retagged a sheep with a lost eartag - - and come to the conclusion that Little Star is not going to make the halter training grade!  She has no fear of a halter on but just does what she wants and not what we want.  She is also far more interested in boys than anything else!


  1. Great to get your hay doneand dusted without any major issues....I was thinking good legs...girls, never mind the shorts its comfort that matters !!!! at our age !!!!! Jayne

  2. That's my summer uniform too...could be a slimmer version of myself!