Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Christina Aguilera arrives

Bit of catching up to do in this blog but I'll be brief.  The  alpacas are all doing well with the next ones coming into their 11 months.  Prue is one of these and as usual she looks big, saggy at the rear and generally pregnant - as last year I don't think she is though.  She is just an old flirt!

The coloured alpacas and Sherbet stay in the shed for most of the hottest part of the day and just venture out to kick over all the water containers they can.  No one  has been mated yet and Dude is very fed up about the whole business!

Six of the lambs were ear tagged today and are ready to go to their new home soon.  Reg is staying here as he is just too dog like to do anything else with.

 . . and I have a new car.  The old one was expiring slowly  and we had reached the terminal stage so now possess a very clean, shiny car which Carl calls a Christina Aguilera, I call a Fussy Opal and Sam calls a Vauxhall Aquila.  It is obviously aimed at the elderly School Mistress due to the seating position  which is very upright, the very large clock and date illuminated on the dash in case you forget what day it is, it's roomy capacity enabling one to wear any form of headgear whilst driving, the excessively thick red line marking 30mph on the speedo and the fact that you can go anywhere at any speed in any gear.  It has very handy boxes under the front seats which I call Storage Containers and Carl calls incontinence trays.  Carl and I are still at the stage where we get the giggles when we go out in it.  Sam is threatening to fit a snorkel kit. 

This next few days is going to be very busy due to shearing and hay making (I know we are late with the hay but we have just not had a chance to do anything about it yet).  Carl sorted out the woofler and the bale sledge tonight, the tractor has a new starter motor, we are nearly set to begin the manic marathon!

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  1. Great description of the new car...very amusing.

    Good luck with the hay making.