Sunday, 7 July 2013

Glorious Brown or Glorious Fawn?

Today has been like being on a Greek Island without the sea, or the freshly squeezed orange juice or the stuffed vine leaves!  For one with a lot of extra bulk in the stomach and top body area it has been too much.  I was stuck at the fields all day with a miniscule bottle of water and an apple as Carl was mending my clutch which took forever so I am now red and sweaty.

I have looked out the BAS colour chart and shall be checking on Gloria tomorrow.  Being a novice breeder of coloured alpacas the distinction between dark fawn and brown is tricky but I think you must be right, Mark.  I know the black one is black (tentatively called BA, or BA Baracus) but Gloria may need a rethink.  I had a complaint last night that her photo was covered in flies so I have been trying to get one of a flyless Gloria which was not easy.  She is very good at posing though, she can stand like this for ages!

1 comment:

  1. Gloria is guess is dark fawn...but gorgeous!