Friday, 5 July 2013

Have a cigar, Harry!

What an exciting day I am having!  This morning both Sherbet and The Slink were looking decidedly uncomfortable.  With Sherbet nothing has happened and I think that was a fly problem more than anything - she has a nasty sore on her back but the Camrosa has now arrived so hopefully I can get on top of that.

The Slink, however, soon produced a bubble of water bag and shortly after a part of head - but no feet.  A lot of heaving later and I felt it was time to intervene.  The Slink is pretty nervy and this was her first cria so I anticipated problems but she was a little darling.  Many a time I have run round trying to catch a sheep with part of a stuck lamb hanging out it's back end but alpacas just seem to want help (I know you made a comment about that Lisa but I forgot to reply - sorry).  It was a very tight fit but, once I had got the legs out, with a lot of lube and easing out squelched the head with a great sucking noise!  A few pulls downwards when she strained and once the front end was clear I left her to let the rest slither out on it's own.  This was an exciting cria for me as it was Harry's first (Black Arrow - he's black!)  The Slink is white from white so I knew it could be a Multi and I was fine with that - - but that isn't what we have got!  Firstly - I am trying to drag this out to frustrate someone I know who will be reading this, sorry, it is a little girl.  And the colour?  A solid brown!  Her name is Glorious Gloria and here she is!
She had only just popped out so she is a bit messy and, as usual, the purple spray went everywhere.  Shortly after this Sapphire noticed her, plonked herself down next to her and spat at anyone who came near - including her Mum!  I had to tempt her away and then keep pushing her back down the hill!

Lots more to say about today but I now have to go and get ready for a shearing push - trying to get all bookings completed by Sunday due to the weather which is boiling!


  1. Well done with the delivery Rosemary.

  2. Fab result, well done you and The Slink!

  3. Congratulations, she is such a lovely colour...worth the gamble I am tempted to try the colour mix!

  4. Gloria is simply gorgeous.
    Go Harry!
    I'll tell his Mum that she's now a Grandma.
    From the frustrated reader.

  5. Congratulations, nice result. Are you sure about brown, looks fawn to me?!