Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ellingham and Ringwood Show

Looks like the hot weather is continuing for a fair bit longer so I have started to anxiously tap the sides of the water barrels in the hope that there is still plenty of water.  We are getting through a bowser full quite rapidly and this is not helped by Cassie coming up to the gate and looking at me longingly until I tip a bucket of water over her.  The fleece is remarkably water proof so I have to rub the water into her and then do a second bucket.  She loves it!

All cria are doing well and Ohno is beginning to join in with the others a bit more (sounds like a school report!)

Sam and Carl went over to check out a temporary sheep paddock for a little group to go to.  We don't need the grazing but they want some sheep to eat the grass down in preparation for viewers as the house is going up for auction.  I have fallen in love with it but it is way outside our paltry budget -  I shall be going to check the sheep and pretending it is mine!  Sam is off helping our house neighbour tomorrow clearing scrap and doing a bit of strimming - then they are off shearing so I shall be home alone again - which means halter training on my own and I don't find that easy.  Halter training has reached critical stage now as progress is slow and we have two to take out at the weekend and a show coming up.  Now I hope you don't mind but I am going to make a little show plea.

For several years now we have taken our alpacas to Ellingham and Ringwood Show.  It has always been a great show and we have had lots of interest and sold several animals through going there.  This year they asked if we could organise a show there for this year as the alpacas drew so much interest.  We agreed but as I am well aware we have very limited knowledge of showing I managed to get Viv and Andy from Reddingvale to help - actually it is really us helping Viv and Andy as they are much more knowledgeable about such things.  There is an awful lot to do and I take my hat off to all of you who organise BAS shows but we are plodding along with much help from other breeders.  Problem is we need more entries and the show entry closing date is tomorrow.  Please enter if you can, entries are via BAS website.  We have got some cracking sashes and rosettes and it is a lovely friendly show.  Many thanks to our very generous sponsors who will get a big mention very soon!  If you want more details you can find them here -

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  1. I hope you managed to get some more entries Rosemary. I think it is a difficult year as so many breeders have struggled to get shearing done early enough for re growth to be long enough to show. Yes, organising shows is more work that it looks!