Tuesday 12 April 2016

Sapphire in heaven

The weekend saw a bit of an epic change for a little group of older girls.  They are a few we will not be breeding from again but I wanted them to still have a role to play and so they have become sheep nanny's.  This is a role they appear to love.  One of them is Sam's alpaca, Sapphire, and she is over the moon about her new role!  She is not normally an excitable alpaca but she was on Sunday!  There is a bank in the 10 acre field they are now in with the ewes and lambs and in the evenings the lambs love to bounce, charge and race all over the bank - Sapphire joined in!!  She pronked, she leapt, she charged!  Gangs of little lambs joined her and it was a site I wish I could have recorded.  The other alpacas with her are also very sprightly and constantly on look out so hopefully they will keep all the lambs safe.  Dire photo I am afraid!
Now Judi told me to slow down a bit and so I have - I spent ages today watching the little Dorpers, who remind me of dalmations!

Well - that is enough resting!  Two little boys to get ready to go to their new home and a drive to dig up!

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