Monday, 18 May 2015

The start of shearing

It is pouring with rain here - something which I do not think is appreciated by the first sheared alpacas!
They were pristine for approximately 20 seconds before rolling commenced!  Saturday we had the help of the wonderful Tractor Boys who made light work of rounding up the sheep for checking and worming.  We nearly had one awkward moment as one lunged for a sheep as I dived for a lamb and only an athletic twist on my part prevented me from landing on top of him - that may have traumatised him for life!  Sunday, Carl, Sam and Kristy went to shear and deliver some pet lambs to Hope Nature Reserve where Dobby and Caedmon (our first two alpacas) now reside.  We also picked up last year's lambs which are now enormous - Sam insisted on weighing them all when they came back.

Rain has stopped play as far as shearing is concerned but hopefully on Thursday we will be able to get a move on.  We are also going to attempt to shear our sheep ourselves this year which is going to be quite an adventure.  Carl has been memorising the order of the blows but you also have to remember where to put your feet and where the sheep is supposed to be so it is all far more complicated than it looks.  I shall be having a very small go myself.  Pictures may follow!

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  1. Good luck with the rest of your shearing! Ours did the rolling thing too...if you want photos of them all clean and dust-free, you have to be quick...especially if they're black!! Hope rain doesn't stop play for too long!