Saturday, 2 May 2015

A post from Squirrel Nutkin

I have a cold - it is a really horrible cold and has gone on for ages.  It is one of those colds that you think has gone and then reappears.  It is one of those colds that blocks up your sinuses and then makes you feel like you cannot breathe and are about to die in the middle of the night.  In fact last night I didn't want to go to bed despite being sick because I thought I might drown in the night.  I stayed up to watch the Bourne Ultimatum which was good but I regretted when the alarm went off this morning.  Carl also has a cold - he is tucked up in bed moaning, snoring and wanting a little snack to help him survive the day . . . MEN!

We had a very nice meal out during the week.  I think there must be someone new at the Stapleton Arms as the portions were much bigger than normal.  I had to feed the lambs and check the sheep on the way out which is not easy when you are wearing a floaty floral skirt and your best cardigan plus you are wearing suede shoes and have forgotten to bring your wellies.  I had arranged my hair into a very chic chignon as I knew it would get blown around and damp on the hill but it obviously did not look quite as chic as I had thought as Red Van Man's first comment was,  "Why have you got a dead squirrel on your head?" 

Lambing is now almost finished I just have a couple of hangers on who may or may not be pregnant - I am going to check that out later.  Just one poorly lamb who I had to carry around in the car yesterday and who escaped into the garden to the amusement of the alpaca girls - I think she had made a full recovery by the amount of effort I had to put into catching her again!  Now it is back to alpaca focus, not that I have any births due yet as we are all quite late this year. 

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  1. Hope your cold is soon history...I too had one of those that hung around, it started early February and has just gone! Trouble is when they do that, there's not much of a gap before the next one arrives! I think it's just that we all just work too hard and don't spend enough time with our feet up just enjoying doing nothing!! Have you tried Olbas Oil for your nightime congestion? I find that it really clears the passages and helps you get off to sleep?!