Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Almost Bath and West Show

Thank you GHN!!  On Sunday I picked up 4 metres of fabric to cover the table for my stall - - - for £2!!  What a lovely place for material (in fact I must go back and get some more for bedroom curtains if I am not tempted to turn the stall covering into curtains after the Bath and West!!)  Bailie Gate Warehouse at Sturminster Marshall - very good!

We have been busy shearing - but mostly sheep and we are getting a bit better but it is nothing like the professionals.  The first we had to do with the aid of a piece of paper with me shouting at Carl - move foot to right, move sheep with your foot - - It turned into a rather surreal game of twister at one point where I missed a step and ended up with Carl almost under a sheep!  Yesterday we tackled the ram - Leaf - and that was very hard as he weighs a ton and the steps we had did not include how to do a Southdown face or what to do about his hairy balls.  We spent Monday night recovering on the sofa!

The alpacas going to Italy have all had their testing and the paperwork is done so just waiting for a date now and then they will be making their way - they are going further than we will be this year, I do have a trip out tomorrow - The Bath and West Show - and I am hoping I will see people I know and have a chance to catch up with news.  I am now surrounded by knitting which I really should be finishing and labelling but I decided to do this instead!  No photos but will take some at the Bath and West - last year it was me and Adam, shall look out for a photo opportunity with another celebrity!

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  1. Hope you have a successful show Rosemary. Not sure how you are going to top last years' photo though!