Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Welcome to the New Blog

If you have managed to find this, you will see I have now become a Google Blogger! My old blog would not do what I wanted so I have decided to Google! Tonight I will write my blog on here - if I don't get in a muddle with it!


  1. Ciao, Buon Giorno.
    Hope it's o.k. l've just signed in as a follower.
    I live here in good old Blandford, and like to keep up with things locally.
    Looking forward to your Blog.
    And my! what lovely animals, hope we'll see more. Good Luck....Well Done.....!

  2. Hello, Willie!
    Lovely to get your comment - I'll look out for you in Blandford!

  3. We have caught up with your move too. Phew, no more counting hard sums either. Great new blog Rosemary.


  4. Welcome to Google. I used to clean the house, have a bath and then make a cup of coffee while your blog was downloading. It was always worth it though. This one does look really professional.

  5. Well done Rosemary - you have been very busy all round just lately.

  6. Found blog o/k, it's looking good, well done.