Thursday, 29 April 2010

A catalogue of complaints

Not a good day and not a great deal achieved.

  • The Jalopy flatly refused to take me any further than the end of the drive. Sadly, I feel my limited petrol strategy may have something to do with this. The drive is uphill and although I know there was some petrol in it, I confess it probably was only a thimble full. What I suspect is that all the petrol rolled to the back of the tank and so it will not go. However, when Sam came home he found a can in Carl's shed and put that in for me - the Jalopy still will not move and the battery is getting flat. We are going to try again in the morning and if not give up until Carl returns.
  • We are getting irritable about The Thing We No Longer Mention - it is progressing but slowly and eating money along the way.
  • The VAT has not been done, accounts are not up to date - they keep going wrong as I can't stay away from the alpacas for long
  • Lambs are still not feeding too well and they are SILENT. They jump around a bit and when I go and sit with them on their hay bale Two Tone jumps on my knee and promptly goes to sleep. They start drinking but then fall asleep - Teddy was actually snoring!
  • Knitting is not good - I have attempted a pattern of stitches way beyond my skills and keep ending up with too many stitches
  • House looks like a tip

However, we are not downhearted! Carl got safely to Scotland where it is cold and there are lots of mountains (with snow). It is also incredibly beautiful. He signed on and had his bike checked ready for the off at 10.24am tomorrow - I have to think about him at that precise moment! Also the alpacas are getting bigger . . . and bigger . . . I don't know about Islay, I have been creeping round trying to look for any signs of pregnancy and I am really not sure.


  1. Stick with it! Stick with it!
    Chin Up!
    Onwards and Upwards!
    Happiness keeps you Sweet,
    Trials keep you Strong,
    Sorrows keep you Human,
    Failures keep you Glowing......but....
    only Friends...........
    keep you Going.........! :0)
    We live in Dorset......Gods Own!

  2. I'm girding my loins and I've kicked the car!!
    Thanks, Willie!

  3. If we didn't have bad luck from time to time we would never appreciate the good luck (although it may be few and far between)!!