Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Silence of the Lambs

Carl set off this morning for Scotland. He must have checked that he had everything at least 6 times! I think he was a bit nervous! He will not be back until Sunday but he has promised to phone at some point. Tomorrow is signing on day so as long as the bike passes the MOT this morning (all last minute!) all should be okay until the start on Friday - hope he doesn't fall off before he even gets going!

I spent all day anxiously watching the girls. It is probably a bit premature with Carolyn as she is 330 days and went over a year with Emily. They are all drinking a great deal of water and tonight Sam and I pumped the water out of the rain water catching barrels to fill up the Bowser as that had almost run dry - might rain tomorrow. Whilst watching the girls I was knitting and I am having terrible trouble with the latest creation - nearly broke a needle trying to knit two together through the back of the stitches - must be knitting to tight with all the tension!

The lambs are ominously quiet. Only one of them ever bleats and that is very rare. They have a mad suck on their bottles and then give up and go to sleep. None of them will drink unless they are sitting on my knee so I have to feed them one at a time. They are nothing like last years orphan lambs - they went crazy over their bottles.

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