Sunday, 8 March 2015

I am tired!

I am sorry - I am really running out of blog writing time - so this will be brief!  Lots happening as we have some dear little sold boys we are organising to deliver, knitting to deliver to new owners, fields which need chain harrowing, vehicles which keep having tyre problems - and lambs have just started to arrive.  At least the weather is good!  Last night we finished lambing at 2 in the morning (before you think I am lambing 100s I should point out it was just one ewe who lambed and took ages about it, then got the head jammed against her pelvis.  Came out easily with a little help but by then it was dark and 11pm.  Second twin then arrived amidst bitter wind and went hypothermic!)  By the time all was sorted it was very late and I had to get back to the sheep by 5 this morning to check lamb hadn't expired and no one else had started performing.  I therefore now have a headache and a feeling another lamb could be on the way soon!  So just a few photos - and best wishes to all at the BAS National show - though I expect that is all over by now!
The sun has shown it's face - although not much!
Everyone wants possession of the rolling pit!


My first two lambs - sired by Leaf!


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