Wednesday, 18 February 2015

In the wars

Nearly lost a finger today and it was my own fault.  I was taking some hay to the sheep and as I hoisted the bale over the fence I was mobbed by sheep and the bale fell back on the other side of the fence - several sheep then tried getting their heads through the stock fencing and one with horns managed .  I stupidly put my finger through the fencing to try to hook her horn back out just as Best Scottie backed off and got ready for a big head butt on the sheep's side.  It was only a glancing blow but pushed her head back on my finger and trapped it against the fencing.  I saw Scottie lining up for another charge and just wiggled my finger free before she impacted - breaking off the stuck sheep's horn - could have been my finger I fear.  Here is naughty Best Scottie charging down for a quick cuddle!

I almost suffered further injury the night before as I wasn't feeling well so went up to bed and woke to find Little Wee, the cat, in the process of eating me - or at least attempting to!  Carl ignored me for most of the evening although he did pop up when I yelled to him that the cat was eating me - he seemed more concerned that the cat was in the bedroom than that I was suffering!  He did appear at 10pm and asked me if I wanted a biscuit which seemed a bit strange - a cup of tea and a paracetamol yes, but a biscuit at 10pm?!

Now the camera is fixed so I am trying for nice alpaca photos to blog tomorrow

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