Thursday, 5 February 2015

A little nippy here

I am so cold, I can't feel my fingers!  Still no camera which is the reason for a lack of blogging but I decided it has been so long I had better just use phone pictures for now - apologies for the lack of quality!  We went out for a curry last night at Henstridge which was really very good - lots of alpaca talk and hearing about a series of unfortunate events made for a very good evening!

I have been knitting but have had to take a break until the fire is lit.  It always seems a waste during the day as I am in and out checking animals but knitting with cold hands is difficult!  Another pair of fingerless gloves are now finished and I am really pleased with the new yarn.  It is a mix of Greeves, white cria and  a black from Slash (renamed by his soon to be new owners) and is vey soft.
The Flower Lady has also been busy and has knitted a real triumph - matching set in white alpaca which is gorgeous!

Sheep are now getting close to lambing - 4th March for the first few and then a little gap before everyone else.  This weekend will be busy getting ready for that - and we have a birthday to go to.

Alpacas are all well.  No one is due until the end of July so it is a quiet time with them.  Nothing much happening except we are starting to think about Ellingham Show with the first obstacle being finding a judge!  I am now going to go up the hill and, no doubt, break water in the troughs again.  I have a great house breaking tool which I found and it does the job very well!  I shall also attempt animal photos on the phone.

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  1. Rosemary, your photos are fine...all ours are taken on the phone these days as it's so much easier!

    Good luck with the house break'ins...whoops sorry ice- breaking!