Sunday, 11 January 2015


We  seem to be struggling around in mud most of the time here and the alpacas do not look their lovely fluffy selves.  They are quite happy; little Icicle was charging around chasing a pheasant yesterday with all the girls watching her.  I have decided the general gloom calls for a slightly earlier in the year picture.
We were busy with sheep feet yesterday.  Once the sheep are in the pen and the race is set up - sheep went into pen no problem but getting the race up the hill called for a bit more ingenuity!


  1. I have no idea why the blog has big spaces - it is not some sort of artistic, tension creating device!

  2. But, you have created tension Rosemary - I was expecting a stunning photograph - now I need a Jack Daniels to relax! fortunately, I have one to hand...our 'winter' paddock lasted two weeks, and we've had to have another move around.

  3. Enjoy the Jack Daniels - I have a great fondness for a JD , despite not having drunk one for many years, having spent an evening on a coach parked in the Place de la République with a full bottle . . .