Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to normal

Weather here is a little murky and the animals are going through hay like crazy.  Decorations are all down and so it is back to business as usual (although I have just used up the last of the mincemeat with a batch of mince pies which are due out of the oven very shortly!)

I have just started knitting with my lovely, very fine, suri but am struggling a bit trying to work out patterns that suit it.  Carl thinks we should attempt to weave some of it which sounds quite an interesting idea.  I am going to complete a scarf first and see how that turns out.

We checked feet at the weekend and did a couple of husbandry visits.  I had planned to get all the sheep through the race but Carl was a bit distracted with his Christmas present.  He has a little notebook now and writes down 'important stuff' about his present.  I went through weeks of worry over him 'discovering' it and nearly floundered at the last hurdle.  I had put a treasure map in the bottom of his stocking which he had to follow on Christmas morning whilst feeding the sheep.  As we went through second field he remarked that some tyre tracks he could see didn't look like either my truck or his.  I hurried him on and said they were probably a friend of Sam's - just about got away with it and he nearly had a cardiac arrest when he found his treasure!

Many thanks to Sam, to the Magic Milker and to the wonderful Andy - couldn't have happened without you all!

For reasons of national security I am unable to tell you what his present was at the moment but all will be revealed soon!!

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