Thursday, 14 November 2013


For Judi, a photo of Rascal this afternoon!  She has that, "If I can think of something naughty to do, I will do it" look about  her
Not the best angle but she will get too close to the camera,
And here are Gloria who has just started investigating hard feed, Cassie and Wonky behind her (Wonky is no longer Wonky but the name has stuck).  Flem and Maria are right at the back of the photo.


  1. What lovely even colours they both are...your names keep us amused Rosemary, although as a nurse he name Flem? Sorry keep thinking Phlegm...not so lovely!

  2. The babies are looking very cute and clean for the time of year !! The knitting looks gorgeous and well worth all the finishing effort that goes into it. Funny how I also have on/off time with the knitting needles. Can't believe its November already, must admit looking forward to a better New Year ! Jayne

  3. Rascal is a beautiful colour and very pretty, thank you for showing her to us!