Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dirty Picture

Totally given up on trying for clean pictures of alpacas so here is a dirty one!

The sheep, on the other hand, all look remarkably clean and sparkly.  The ram has arrived  and has covered some but I followed the advise in my book and started with a yellow crayon which may not be quite such a good idea as you have to get very close to see who has been marked.

And here are Angelina and friendly Scottie.

I am currently knitting like a demon as I now have my new yarn back from Two Rivers Mill - and lovely stuff it is - so smooth it feels like knitting with butter (if you see what I mean).  Second pair of gloves almost complete and scarf underway in the village.  We are taking knitting to the SWAG show next Saturday so I am trying to finish off bits and pieces.  Sadly, I don't think my teddy will have reached completion as it is suffering one or two set backs in the stuffing department.  At the moment it looks sadly deformed and slightly unstable.

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  1. I'm so very glad you have dirty alpacas - makes me feel so much better :) Happy Knitting :) Lisa