Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On the road again

Bit of a road trip on Saturday as we went a very long way to take Tyke and Wonky to their lovely new home.  Neither had been in a trailer before so we were unsure how they would react and we had planned to introduce them to walking up the ramp the day before but sheep giving birth laid that plan to rest.  I needn't have worried as they walked straight in and sat down before the trailer had even rolled out onto the road.  They have a lovely new home with lots to interest them - supposedly they are turkey guards but at the moment I am not sure whether the turkeys are quite sure about alpacas!  - herding chickens appears to be their new interest!  We came home with eggs and potatoes which really are the best I have tasted - not surprising with the potatoes as the soil around looked wonderful.

No rest after that as we then had sheep moving and an alpaca husbandry visit and it is only Wednesday.  I spent most of today moving the sheep race by dragging it bit by bit behind my truck using various bits of bailer twine.  I was thinking whilst watching someone lamb today - what is the most useful thing I have in my extensive lambing kit which contains every thing I could even imagine I might want and the answer was - - bailer twine!  It has pulled out many lambs, hobbled a sheep who had to come into shelter, held my trousers up and now it is moving the sheep race - not the same piece of course!

The weather has been very warm and, on my mad dash to catch the Library Van, I caught sight of the Knight on his gleaming stead about to take to the highways and byways.  The alpacas have enjoyed the sun but I would really like a bit of rain now to get the grass growing.

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