Thursday, 29 September 2011

P problems

Okay - I am back, sort of!  Apologies to those loyal readers who have been checking for a new blog.  I confess it has been a trying time here and I haven't had the computer time or the heart to write.  However, that does not mean that nothing has been happening or that we have been miserable!  Despite the tropical weather here, the babies have been very lively.  Tilbo's leg is now fine and he charges round with everyone else.

We spent a lovely time  looking after the Shepherd's house and animals.  I was a bit nervous with how I would cope with all the sheepdogs and had visions of them all disappearing or getting ill - but they were the most impeccably behaved dogs I have ever known.  I have completely fallen for Jess and want to sneak her home with me.  The three legged one is gorgeous but had enough of the walks by the end of the day and just laid down and waited for the rest to return.  The two Kelpies kept looking round for the Shepherd and loved sitting in the back of his Truck.  I am now an ardent watcher of the sheep dog trials and have sent for a book to teach myself the sheep dogs commands - not that I think Amber, the Jack Russell, is going to be that responsive!  I have also decided I really want some geese as they are very funny.

Sam is loving his apprenticeship - he is power harrowing today and was fussing to be taken this morning far earlier than he needed to be.  He has passed all his basic moped training and now has the moped but it is not running quite right yet so I am still taking him everywhere!

The alpacas are all doing well and growing.  I think everyone who needs to be is pregnant.  Sam has given Bianca her course of medicines and she appears to have lost a little of the weight, although she is still rather a chunk!  The three little boys - Striker, Tilbo and Yossarian form into a little gang and stalk everyone else! 

Little Axle, Lina's baby, is still smaller but gradually growing.

On the negative side of things - I have sore nails!  People are always saying, "How do you do anything with nails that long?"  Well,  they are no problem (apart from a recently discovered contact lens issue) - until, that is, one of them breaks.  They have been long for a long time and the top of the finger is quite sensitive so when one breaks it is really uncomfortable until they grow again - one snagged so I sawed it off and now it hurts!  I have also been to get some trial contact lenses.  This is proving a further problem as my nails are so long it is difficult to get them out without skewering myself.  Once I get the next few days over I am going to have to tackle the nail situation.  However, that is the least of my problems so I shall put up with it for now!  My real stress at the moment is an extra P which has appeared somewhere it should not have appeared - I cannot reveal where at the moment but I can say that if this is not sorted in the next 48 hours I am done for!

Grace has recovered from her fly strike but now has slight sunburn on her back end where there is no fleece.  I am having to apply factor 30 Ambre Solair twice a day.  Luckily she is so greedy for sheep nuts and the sunscreen is a spray on so I can creep up on her as she eats!

So, bit of a heavy blog on pictures today but here are a few more.  Firstly, cria queuing up to drink!
Three little ones - and I am very embarrassed to say that I know these are the two female Dude babies - but I can't tell which is which!  Never had that before!
Finally, young striker who is a very feisty little thing!
Oh!  And just one more, three little cute faces!


  1. Oh! Rosemary....It's great to see you back again....Wonderful.....If it had been any longer, l'd put out an A.P.B.!
    And, No, you could never put print to many photos. There still simply lovely....! :0).

    Yes, get some geese...when l was first married, back in 1800 and......
    I bought five, for Christmas really, one for us, and sell the others. Wellllllll, They were all given names, four years later we moved, we had to leave them there. So, there they stayed, for years.....! :). Did'nt have the heart...
    And, there great fun to....BUT...never turn yer back on them....!
    Once again...glad yer back....Take Care.....! :<).

  2. Great to have you back Rosemary......and great photo's!!

  3. Lovely to see you again.
    Great photos.
    Glad that Tilbo is doing so well.
    Hope the P will go away.
    Good luck!

  4. Great to see you back, I've been worried about you.

    Lovely photo's and hope the extra P disappears, good luck with it.

  5. Lovely photos..and great to see you back.....being blogtastic !!.....obviously its very hectic there...but hope all goes well for you....the weather has been great up here for a change too.....and managed to eventually get my hay done !.......Enjoy the GWR....! Jayne

  6. We have missed you...we have been waiting...good to have you back. Those cria are looking great and lovely photos. Will be thinking of you hoping the P is no longer very soon.